Resource Tracks

R222There are relaxation and Mindfulness tracks below for your personal use.

Please note you should never listen to these tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Any commercial use is not permitted under copyright law.

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Relaxation Self-Help Guide (pdf)

1 Active Muscular Relaxation

2 Visualisation

3 Intro to Passive Progressive Meditation

4 Passive Progressive Meditation

5 Guided Meditation on the Breath

First Steps to Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing tracks

CHANGES Relaxation Course Tracks
Along with tracks 1 – 5 above:

1 Autogenic Relaxation

2 Kindness Meditation

Stress Control Relaxation Tracks

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Mindfulness Practice Tracks

1 Body Scan

2 Short Meditation of the Breath

3 Kindness Meditation

4 Mindful Movement and Stretches

5 Three Minute Breathing Space

6 Mindfulness of Breath and Body

7 Mindfulness of Sound and Thoughts

8 Walking Meditation

9 Allowing Softening Soothing