What is it?

The practice of being more “conscious and aware”, “being mindful or present”, through simple meditations. Learn to develop an attitude of openness and acceptance.

There are taster sessions, and 8 week courses. Courses this year are:- dates to be confirmed 

mind-4How do I book?
Call us 0131 653 3977, or email: info@changeschp.org.uk

Use these Resources

The following recordings will support you through your mindfulness journey (see Mindfulness Practice Tracks)

After the course/sessions, it is hoped that you will have started to develop a new relationship with your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, being more compassionate with yourself.

Comment from a previous attendee

“It was an eye opener! I have gained acceptance, understanding and awareness…”

“This course has helped me face and deal with issues positively which, before the course, I would have reacted to in an unhealthy way. It is an amazing course and I would recommend it for anyone.”